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The Maine Event

This summer we vacationed in Maine, a place I had longed to visit. Sean actually had a commercial shoot there, and the family tagged along and played while he worked. The coast was everything I had imagined it to be and so much more - rugged in its beauty, untouched, serene and commanding. At one point, sitting on the sand with baby while the kids splashed in the surf, I was moved to tears as I breathed in the crisp, salty air and took in the majesty of everything around me. The awe of mountain meeting sea, my artist's soul had yearned for this. The mid coast of Maine holds so many treasures, quaint towns full of shops to poke about in, artist studios, historic sights, lighthouses, bakeries..............
On our first outing, the children and I popped into Camden Deli for lunch and were mesmerized by the offerings in the bakery display. We splurged on some Key Lime Cupcakes, yum!!! They were oversized with a generous dollop of frosting. Miraculously, one survived being devoured and made it back to the cabin for Sean to enjoy.
A family tradition we have is to collect a Christmas ornament from each place we visit. I went from store to store, determined to find the right Lobster Ornament to memorialize this vacation. Apparently this has become a democratic process, with each family member strongly voicing their opinion on the one we should purchase. My choice was a simple red lobster, no more, no less. One person chose a lobster posing with Santa Claus...AS IF. Seriously! Another chose a Moose - totally straying from the agenda. And the final choice was a lobster, snow, a canoe, AND a moose - too busy!!! I was looking for an uncomplicated symbol of our time in Maine, and obviously, a lobster was straight and to the point. We actually left Maine without getting an ornament, more because we ran out of time to shop (but I do plan to get my lobster through the Internet). Another obsession, er, interest of mine are cookie cutters. I really like 'em and would like to have gobs and gobs of them of every variety if hubby didn't object. But he does, so I don't. I did locate a cute little store that had lobster cookie cutters, except they were sold out at the time I was in. So I purchased a moose instead, with the intention of ordering the lobster one right along with the ornament. I may end up hanging the cookie cutter on my tree, though... Here are some more photos from our time in the Northeast paradise. Keep an eye out for Sean's commercial too. The kids are in a number of scenes.

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