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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday was our Ninth Wedding Anniversary. Sometimes I look around and think, "When did this all happen?" But it does seem like we crammed in a lot of living in these nine years - three children, six moves, businesses, career paths, homes, mistakes, lessons learned, friendships, etc. One of the biggest blessings to come out of our marriage are the children - I can't imagine not knowing these marvelous individuals. Thinking of them always brings a sparkle to my eyes and joy to my heart. And the companionship of a life partner who can be so similar yet so very, very different. Yes, we are total opposites. One of the most interesting things is that we approach photography the opposite way to how we are in daily life. In photography, I am more like Sean and vice versa. He is easygoing, good natured, spontaneous but likes to totally plan out his shoots. He sets everything up and is methodical in photographing his subjects. His theater background is apparent in the drama of his sets. I am reserved, serious, like to plan and think through everything but like to use available light and photograph without a lot of posing and set ups. I'm all about emotions and capturing the moment. I like the unexpected surprises that show up when I review my images. The coolest thing about our partnership is that we cover a gamut of photographic styles together; his strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. And so it is also in life. This is what I have discovered in the last nine years.

Some of my favorite memories.............. We got married in a Victorian mansion that had its own ballroom. Almost everyone left before we did, including all the people who were going to help with clean up. Oops. I had changed into my going away outfit and came down to see my groom, and his family members, with his sleeves rolled up sweeping and cleaning the whole place. They insisted that I sit in the parlor as they finished up - what a gift it was on my wedding day to see such humility and love! Buying our first home and the giddiness of finding out we were expecting, the intimacy of delivering a child together, Sean shaving off my long, long hair when I got head lice from the pediatrician's office when our baby was two weeks old (I was completely BALD), the joy of expecting again, preparing for the mission field and putting it on pause, fixing up an old house and making it home, creating a business, career changes and many new friends along the way, the surprise and delight of a third baby, moving closer to family... These cycles of life, up and down and around again, an exhilarating yet challenging merri-go-round if you hang on tight and don't let go. There'll be a slideshow at our wedding next year when we renew our vows (including pictures of my bald head!) God has blessed our marriage in so many ways, and we are very thankful. It is His grace that enables us to weather the storms and dance until the sun comes out again.


One Christian Mom said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary, as it seems you have had a wonderful marriage so far. Here's for blessings from now foward, too! :-) God bless you and your family.

Mark D said...

Awesome pictures!!!