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Friend Making Monday: My Design Style

Today's focus on Friend Making Monday is Design Style. According to the test at, I am 100% French Eclectic. Which is fabulous and totally me!
I found this book at the library which I am having a difficult time returning, French Style at Home. It makes me want to cry every time I look at it. Because within its pages, I found home. Me. My design sensibilities. All that appeals to me most. I put together some photos of elements that define "French Eclectic" for me:
Ornate Detailing
© Georgios Alexandris | Rustic, Natural Elements
© W shane Dougherty |
© Phil Date |
© Ichtor |
Crystal Chandeliers
© Helen Panphilova |
© Serghei Starus |
© Cristian Nitu |
Wrought Iron
© Jolin |
Bistro Tables...with a Pop of Color
© Albo |
...or Delicate Vintage Feel
© Raycan |
Herb Garden, Topiaries, an Interesting Window
© Colleen Coombe |
The following images are from the Ballard Designs website, all things I absolutely love:
What's your style???


Katie Lane said...

Glad you are happy with your results, they do suit you!!! Happy FFM.

Christina said...

Well your results are very well reflected on your blog! Happy Fmm

jackie said...

Happy FMM! My styles were rustic revival and modern elegance.

Laura said...

My style is currently second hand haha. My house is very mismatched. But someday... someday... I will get to decorate and I will STILL have no idea what my style is and therefore need to call on the skills of a friend. :)

Elaine said...

oh how funny!!! I just took a test for design styles and mine was French Country / with some weird twist on it that similar to the eclectic side, FUN STUFF!! Love your pictures you posted :)