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Photo Fridays

Since my blog is so eclectic in subject matter, I've decided to streamline it a little by designating Fridays as "Photo Fridays." I'll share photographs weekly that I've taken that really inspired me or captured a special moment. Enjoy! My grandmother was a wonderful artist, and one of my fondest memories is sitting with her as she painted a landscape. She handed me her paintbrush and let me dab on some flowers - it was a magical moment as she brought me into her world. When she died, I took the little bit of inheritance money and invested in a camera to continue her artistic legacy. These are the first series of photographs I took with that camera, and they remain my favorites even after five years. Black and white photographs have such a simple yet profound purity about them. This is my son Barnabas before his first birthday. Standing in front of french doors, his face reflects the natural light streaming in from a large window. I love natural light and unguarded moments! Princess Mireille, three years old, is an interesting paradox - the big bow, wildly curly hair and fancy dress with such a solemn expression. She has her back to a window which highlights her curls, and the window on her side illuminates half her face. Aren't my kids adorable?!? With their vibrant personalities and expressive hearts, they have been a continuous source of inspiration.

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