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Through The Eyes Of A Two Year Old

What do these look like to you?
If you said Teddy Bears and Linking Cubes aka Math Manipulatives, 
you'd be correct.
But in the hands of my precocious two year old, 
facing the rigors of potty training, 
these are teddy bears on potty chairs.  
Lots and lots 
of teddy bears on potty chairs. 
He sits for long periods and makes 
tall columns of teddy bears on potty chairs.
And choo choo trains of teddy bears on potty chairs.
When asked if these teddy bears are successful in going potty, 
the answer is always a resounding YES!!!
Which big brother thinks is adorably funny.
I look forward to the day when little brother is as successful as his teddy bears.
In due season.


Genny said...

That is just too precious! How cute!

Laine said...

I had never heard of those teddy bears or building blocks, very cute! lots of potty training bears, so cute!