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Moments in the Baxter Zoo

I have alternated between being an ostrich and burying my head under the sands of life; a mule slowly and stubbornly plodding up, down and around the curves of this journey; a chimpanzee darting from this activity to that, chattering and making joyful noises while finding pleasure in simple things. Long sigh, the elegant analogy of my life as a zoo... I am currently in North Carolina housesitting and dogsitting for my brother. Yesterday, Sean and I gave a bath to his dog. As non-pet owners, we are not used to pet smells (strange, isn't it, considering my life is a zoo?) Halfway through, the bewildered dog jumped out of the tub, startling Sean who also jumped up. In the cramped quarters, his backside rammed into the toilet tank cover, and the force caused it to flip off and crash to the floor. Who does this happen to? We had to track down a replacement toilet tank cover before my brother and his family returned from their trip and before Sean had to catch his plane. Thankfully, there was a company specializing in discount toilet tank covers not too far away. Who knew that such companies existed? My sanity was restored for $18.00. What a ridiculous experience! Prior to Sean's return to Maryland, we went to the library here to stock up on books and DVDs. I checked out two biographies and a stack of homeschool books; I really enjoy learning about others' experiences, and I need a boost of encouragement in the homeschooling department. Every year after the holidays, things start to d-r-a-g. For the children, I checked out two Charlie Brown DVDs - I have an addiction to the way Barnabas laughs at Charlie Brown programs. It's childhood innocence at its finest. I love watching his face - eyes opened wide and twinkling with amusement, then the peals of laughter exploding in the living room. Long after the children are put to bed, I stay up reading and have finished both biographies. I cannot go to sleep, you see, because my services are needed as soon as the throwing up begins. Mireille has been coughing at night, and it inevitably causes her to throw up. So I have been on duty to ensure that she makes it into the trashcan and not all over her cousin's bed. Three nights of late nights reading with vomit interruptions - another dimension to this zoo dispensation. A good mix of music, from Sandi Patty to the Supertones, underscores this daily drama. Life is good. God is here with us. He is my Safari Guide, Tent, Canteen of refreshing Water, and everpresent Help in the midnight hour.

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Mark D said...

That's a wonderful post Miki! Funny things as well as food for encouragement.

My boys love physical comedy (when I pretend to bump my head into walls and doors). The other day I faked the "bump" so well against one side of the door casing that I reared back and DID hit my head on the other side. Hard. The toilet seat reminded me of that, but I guess the dog can't really laugh. Probably laughed inside though. :)